Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Come Michael Phelps Can't Smoke Weed?

I just do not know why there's any fallout in the first place. He doesn't have to be America's golden boy, he is just the best swimmer ever. Michael Jordan had a gambling problem and had affairs with other women and nobody ever shat on him this hard. The cops in SC are talking about charging him...based on a photo... is that even legal? Like they would do this to anyone in a photo smoking weed. Why not just raid Facebook and charge everybody with a picture of smoking a bong? It's lame the sponsors care, it's lame the news and sports columnists care, it's lame that he's suddenly public enemy number one and he didn't cheat, kill anyone, get nabbed with something big like heroin or meth, steal, etc. What's he supposed to do, come home and train more? He's 23 years old and people suddenly are calling him out hard for this cause he drove drunk when he was 19. Ask any 23 year old out there if they have a) smoked weed and b)drove drunk many will give you the affirmitive. Just cause he's really good at swimming and some kid's role model doesn't mean he's not 23.

I am not even going to get into public attitudes towards smoking. It's not even worth it. I feel bad that Michael Phelps has to be the golden boy.

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