Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big Blood Falls For a Thousand Thousand Years

The last record with the Bleedin' Hearts got a good response so I figured I would post everything I have. The more I listen to them, and it's been a good year since I neglected them in any sort of way, the better it gets. These are CD-R home recordings of live setlists that the have used for shows since late 2006. Tunes range from completely psychedelic to spellbinding pastoral folk and everything in between. They're music is beyond words. This is a futile exercise. It stomps, strusts, runs, crawls, and stays stationary depending on the song. It's a soundtrack to life. Or maybe just my life.

Tell me of a band that covers Skip James and Can? That's right, there are none. Get this stuff. My favorite songs in parentheses.

Big Blood+The Grove ("The Grove is Hotter..." "In the Light of the Moon" "Low Gravity Blues)

Sew Your Wild Days Vol. I ("Adversaries & Enemies" "Spit Shine" "Wrinkles and Ribbons")

Sew Your Wild Days Vol. II ("Rodin Deadpan" "I'm So Glad" "Haystack AP"

Strange Maine 11/04/06 ("Under the Concourse" "Full of Smoke" "All Operations"

Strange Maine 01/20/07 ("The Fall of Quinnisa Rose" "Sovreignty You Bitch" "Indang Pariman")

Space Gallery 01/27/07 ("The Rise of Quinnisa Rose" "She Said Nothing" "Don't Trust the Ruin")

I got a couple other tidbits by them to upload actually but in the meantime, enjoy. Also, here are links to their main band Fire on Fire. HERE and HERE.

Thanks to Nitty Gritty too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Blood & The Bleeding Hearts-S/T

This band is so godly in so many ways. I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about the Bleeding Hearts but I'll go about trying to explain the glory of Big Blood. Imagine a band of bizarre music loving people playing avant garde tunes for the better part of ten years. Imagine them going on hiatus before two of the members, a cute married couple with a child, emerge as a psych folk band with a whole range of influences and a keen ear for the most beautiful heartfelt melodies I've ever heard in music. Seriosuly. Colleen Kinsella has quite the interesting voice but it's so full of emotion. Caleb Mckulerin ain't a bad singer himself. Their bizarre influences, like Sun City Girls, blend perfectly with their traditional folk influences and plenty of smart banjo licks. Lots of people tell me this stuff is weird but if you want a hell of a listening experience at the very least, give this one a shot.

Not my link but I owe someone out there...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Oscillation-Out of Phase

"It's been quite a while since bands used spacey sounds aggressively. Though the drones, vibrations and noises that imbued so much of psychedelia and Krautrock with their mystiques haven't fallen out of style - if anything, a wide range of different artists use them - these days they're almost always used to inspire the same thing: a kind of heady, peaceful remove.

It would be reasonable to assume, then, that an album consisting of almost nothing but these spacey signifiers would drift narcoleptically from beginning to end, without any shocks or rumbles. But Out of Phase, the debut album by Demian Castellanos's new project the Oscillation, does almost the exact opposite. Castellanos is certainly enamored of Krautrock's serene foreign synths, and psychedelia's myriad wobbles and vibrations, but Out of Phase is imposing, menacing and exhilarating just as often as it is far out. A good deal of this has to do with studio mixing. The album-opening "Visitation" is more of a crescendo than an actual song, but everything is mixed up so fiendishly high that by the time the track's ever-building wall of noises suddenly vanishes, it makes quite a powerful statement. Elsewhere, so many rays of energy flare off the bass, keyboard and vocals in "Violations" that the track sounds like it's reaching critical mass. Even the the more sedate interludes ("Distant Transmission," "This is Nowhere") have a sonic forcefulness to them that's hard to ignore.

But for all the studio mastery on display here, it's Castellanos's pop instincts that make Out of Phase so impressive. The high-voltage squiggles and intergalactic echoes on "Gamelan Mindscape" owe a lot to the rave-up created by its two guitars, while the overmiked dub craziness of "Liquid Memoryman" pairs well with the grungy drums. Every track, including the tremendous 10 minute closer "Visitations (Exit)," is very efficient; the riffs are never featured for longer than they should be, and Castellanos's solos, even at their most abstract, make sense at a gut level.

Admittedly, Out of Phase is hard to digest the first time through. But anyone who's intrigued by the inherent possibilities in those cosmic sounds will be only too happy to let it grow on them, because apparently, there is adrenaline in space, and Castellanos has found it.

have a mild paranoid fear that possibly Demian Castellanos has snuck into my loungeroom and scoured my music collection for all my favourite bits to take home and meld into this sprawling masterpiece. It's got many of the things I love somehow genetically modified into a cohesive whole. The overriding atmosphere is one of psychedelia: Velvet Underground noise freakout '67; Primal Screamadelics '90; NEU! Motorik wave '74; meandering Pink Floyd noodle '68; Ride and Chapterhouse shoegaze blissout '91; the massed reverberating intimacy of Mum '01; Stereolab dronescape '94. Add to that some dub production on acoustic instruments to make King Tubby proud, and the obligatory punk-funk-Gang of Four references and this is music coming at you from every direction.

Things are particularly ear catching when Castellanos talk/sings his simple melodies under a wave of effects and driving rhythms such as on 'Violations' or 'Head Hang Low'. He can also ride a riff for all it's worth, particularly with a distorted bassline as he does in 'Gamelin Minscape'. After a barrage of various uptempo styles the album is rounded out with a handful of mellower, yet no less spaced-out, musical tracks, building to the final, 10 minute 'Visitation (Exit)' which revels in off-kilter delays, weezy synths, glockenspiels and pulsing bottom end. What is of particular note is that this album is the product of a single musician's work. The traditional (rock) format of drums, bass and guitar are featured throughout in a remarkably ensemble sounding manner, overlaid with synths and production. It does sound like a band and it wasn't until I MySpaced The Oscillation after a number of listens that I realised it was something other.

I have to confess to having a large amount of preconditioning to the sounds used in Out Of Phase but, if anything, that would make me even more critical of their use. While I can hear reverberations of the last 40 years in Castellanos' work, this is undoubtedly his own music, a blend of influences put to good effect, not a pastiche of styles. I absolutely loved this album."

It really is that enjoyable. GET IT.

Lost in the phase

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Life Sucks And Tastes Like God Jamming His Sweaty Dick Down My Throat

Hate music for another ridiculously shitty day.

Paragon Impure-To Gaius!

Grand Belial's Key-Judeobeast Assassination


Leviathan-The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide (The end of "Fucking Your Ghosts in Chains of Ice" is beyond haunting)

You know how you can hear how down and out Skip James is? Like you just know by the entire mood of his songs? Though these are metal albums, I can hear the same thing as in James' work...except it's hate. Especially the Leviathan album. So when the world shits all over you and you hate yourself and everyone else, pop some of this on. And Eyehategod. Definitely Eyehategod.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Are Awesome

First, let me say thanks to Tednindi for posting/putting all of these in one convenient place

I've talked about them before and I will indeed talk about them again. Erol Alkan and Richard Norris, two London DJs who are apparently very highly regarded, cut up and remix 60s/70s Psych Rock tunes, some familiar and some very obscure. I'm not really into Dance/Club music so I do not know much about them but goddamn this stuff is so much fun! They're starting to get some press attention as well since they have just released a "Re-animation" album of tracks by Franz Ferdinand, Chemical Brothers, and Peter, Bjorn, & John. Not so much my cup of tea but the debut full length was posted here (Twice actually) which you can find HERE and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. On top of that, there are two completely bad ass club mixes (look at those setlists!) and a short radio mash up. Gotta love "Hey Bulldog" in there. I'm telling you, they're like Girl Talk for Psych nerds. Who knew that all these bands needed was some groovy drum beats to become music you dance to at a club?

Live at the G-Mex, Manchester, 2007

Beyond Space - Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve
Battlescars (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Demo Re-Animation) - The Chemical Brothers
Words - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Edit)
You Can Talk To Me - The Beatles (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Edit)
My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
Open My Eyes - The Nazz
Bubble Burst - The Small Faces (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Edit)
Uptight - Reggie Cravens Quartet
The Horror Scope - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Edit)
Just Dropped In - Kenny Rodgers and The First Edition
Love Buzz - Shocking Blue
Young Folk (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re Animation) - Peter Bjorn & John
A House Is Not A Motel - Love (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Edit)
The Witch - The Rattles
Save My Soul - Wimple Winch
See Emily Play - Pink Floyd
Once You Understand - Encounter
Banana Splits Theme - Richie Adams and Mark Barkan

Live at the Zodiac, March 2008

Electric Banana (BTWS Edit) - Electric Prunes
Battlescars (BTWS Re-Animation) - The Chemical Brothers
Be There (A BTWS Announcement)
Million Grains Of Sand - Freak Scene
Granny Takes A Trip - The Purple Gang
Mr Pleasant - The Kinks
She’s About A Mover - Sir Douglas Quartet
Kickabout - Teenage Fanclub
Beyond Space - Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve
Time Of The Season - The Zombies
Losing The Will To Survive (BTWS Re-Animation) - Findlay Brown
Happiness (BTWS Re-Animation) - Goldfrapp
Slip Inside This House - Primal Scream
The Bears Are Coming (BTWS Re-Animation) - Late Of The Pier
Hey Bulldog (BTWS Edit) - The Beatles
Paint It Black - The Love Sitars
Number 1 High (A BTWS Annoncement)
I’m A Man - Wynder K. Frog
Gemini - (A BTWS Annoncement)
Talk Talk - The Music Machine
Colour My Love - Petula Clark
Sunshine Superman - Wynder K. Frog
Aquarius - The Fifth Dimension

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Drone/Psych/Ambient/Tropical Bands

Sun Araw

The Phynx

Beach Head
Leaves Like These
Boat Trip


Ducktails II
Acres of Shade
Summer of Saucers (Mudboy split)

Predator Vision



Very cool stuff. Not a huge drone fan but this stuff is awesome. Immediately takes me to summertime.