Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wildildlife-Six (2007)

What a delightfully strange band. The first track, "Things Will Grow," builds up through a groovy, pounding drum beat until it explodes into some fucked up meeting between Neurosis, the Jesus Lizard and Animal Collective. There's a little bit of everything in here. The next track, Tungsten Steel, could be the unfortunate birth of "Doom Pop." It rules hard to hear bands wear many influences when they can actually synthesize all of it while keeping the song structure attractive. It does not rule hard when journalists need a new genre term for it. But I digress. Magic Jordan takes Drum's Not Dead-era Liars and elongates it into an epic track of peaks and valleys with plenty of tweaks to make it something totally their own. One of the more interesting bands to emerge for a long time. Highly highly recommended for fans of any band mentioned above if not just the generally curious.

What can I's wild

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