Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Time & Space Machine- Vol. I (2007) and Vol. II (2009)

More awesome psych revivalism madness! This is one of half of Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, DJ Richard Norris, engaging in the same fun, familiar territory. More awesome music to blast since it's summertime and, honestly, this stuff is some bad ass summer music. Does the word "groove" meaning anything to you? Get it, scallywags!

Vol. II (2009)

Vol. I (2007)

"Now onto Time & Space Machine, or Richard Norris, one half of psyche Sun warriors Beyond The Wizards Sleeve. 'Volume One' sounds like it was recorded in a field just outside of Dunwich where the haystacks burned with crimson flame and the Moon rose to meet with the Sun, clashing violently in plumes of cosmic miasma, seeping torrents of blood from a wound that drenched the earth and soaked into Richard's synthesisers, fantastic machines built with the technology from Videodrome."

Both albums together babeh.



Sanyo815 said...

Thank you so much, you have made me very happy

Max said...

i too have been made happy :) found me a new blog to frequent as well methinks. thanks g

Anonymous said...

Splendid blog and what a Psychedelic treat for my ears - thank you kindly.