Friday, October 10, 2008

Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo-Uganda

"Unbelievable 1972 Japanese underground rarity featuring acid guitar god Kimio Mizutani on planet-bombing wah-wah/distorto form backed by a thunder of African rhythms. Miuztani is best known for killer prog/psych sides like Love Live Life +1 and A Path Through Haze but this features some of the most spirit-flaying six string sorcery he ever laid in stone, over a shrifting back line that feels as cosmos-bound as Billy TK’s all-Maori Powerhouse orchestra or those never-realised Miles/Hendrix third-stone jams. Too fucking much.Highly recommended."

That about says it all. Been listening to it nonstop lately. Aside from the killer guitar and drum work, the bassist is fucking nasty as well. Totally essential.

Take me to Uganda

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