Saturday, October 25, 2008

Teenage Filmstars-Star (1992)

"Rumoured to have been recorded by an aggregation of various Teenage Fanclubbers and Bloody Valentiners, this mysterious album had journalists and pop stars from Britain and America fascinated by its sound. Wherever My Bloody Valentine have roared throughout the universe the Teenage Filmstars echo has followed, but not blindly. Where the MBV sound is the well-controlled experiment from the lab, the Teenage Filmstars set their rocket to unknown planets -- what is Star? An alchemist's philosophy stone thrown surreptitiously into space? It was in fact, the work of one Edward Ball, in between label duties for Creation Records and recording for the label. 'The Master Of Brinkmanship,' as one taste maker of the time described him. This reissue features four previously unreleased extra tracks, including an early version of Edward Ball's hit single Love Is Blue"

Required for any MBV fan or shoegaze fan in general.

Lift off!!

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