Thursday, December 11, 2008

Man oh man...

Am I the only Chicagoan embarrassed by that fucking scumbag Rod Blagojevich? Smart criminals are cool. Dumb ones are not. You read some of his quotes and you wonder, "Wow, he actually got away with stuff before?" I mean, everyone knew he was dirty. But when I have to argue with these obnoxious New Yorkers here at school about who's city is better and the first thing I hear about is our soon to be former rat faced piece of shit excuse for a governor, well, it's pretty embarrassing. And I hope he gets the book thrown at him not only for this, but his ridiculously stupid ideas (the guy wanted to fund all his poorly planned infastructure projects with gambling money), his taxation on cigarettes to fund random crap (completely unconstitutional and unfair, and he's not the only one doing it. Wonder where that money goes) and his rampant spending. Not to mention that Chicago now has the highest sales tax in the whole freaking country (not totally his fault, but it figures so he can fund more stupid ideas.) Three words sum this whole thing up for me:

Good fucking riddance.

(Chicago still rules, even if our politicians are scum)

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Aaron said...

remind the New Yorkers of Pitzer, and then mention you can actually drive around our city. And then tell them to fuck off