Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ephel Duath-Through My Dog's Eyes (2009)

This one is for Joe specifically since we were talking about Ephel Duath a few weeks ago and I had nothing to report. Lo and behold, a new album! And Marco Minnemann is drumming. Killer.

" Few bands within the metal genre can claim to be true innovators these days. One of these bands is EPHEL DUATH, who have managed to truly take their music to where no one else has ever gone before. Starting with their Black Metal-infused music, continuing with their interesting Jazz-Fusion approach and Electro-Dub vibe, they release a worthy successor to their previous masterpiece "Pain Necessary To Know". This time though, they take the whole concept album to an extreme, as the whole album is written from the perspective of a dog (!!!). Basically, what we have here according to Davide Tiso is the soundtrack of a dog's thoughts... talk about extreme now!
To be quite honest, only these guys could successfully release such a crazy concept and such an experimental album, often bordering with extremity, but always within the realms of the avant-garde - as we have been accustomed to all these years. EPHEL DUATH are no doubt one of the true innovators in the metal scene today and if there was ever an "Award for Innovation" they would keep winning it with every release. "

Fetch boy!


Josef said...

the dog, fucking brilliant. i heard one song off the album not to long ago, they are definitely swaying in a new direction, i wasn't quite sure what to think of it. need repeated listenings

Zoltar said...

I haven't given it a good listen either. Haven't gotten in the right mood to listen to it but I figured you'd want it and I really like Marco Minneman. So we'll see.