Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tobacco Nazi Update

For those of you who read my long angry rant on the SCHIP bill extension from a couple weeks ago only gets worse. The bill passed through the Senate on 01/29 meaning that this will now be a law on April 1st. Now instead of the $8 tax increase per pound on roll your own tobacco, the number is actully a staggering $24 per pound. It costs me $15 for just short of a that even legal? It's a 2,200% increase in taxes on this one product. If you're trying to raise money for our poor children who have to grow up in this completely misguided, retarded, self-serving country, wouldn't you want to tax something that everyone uses instead of focusing on a group that has a predominatly lower income and trying to rape a declining market in the first place? And waht happened to no taxes on people making less than $250,000? I doubt the upper-echelon of our tax bracket rolls their own cigarettes. If the government is going to show their true colors about this, why not tax food that makes people fat? Are they going to tax home-brewed beer supplies? Are they going to do anything else except hit DIY smokers where it hurts? Do they realize that tobacco is a legitimate enterprise for more than RJ Reynolds and Phillip Morris and they will surely be putting plenty of good, honest people that I have come across out of jobs? The most disturbing aspect of this is that they focus on an already battered minority of people who make their own choice to smoke and by instituting this law, there is a clear insidious mission statement by the government to tell people how to live their lives. I may disagree with the current Republican Party on many issues but at least give them credit for trying to protect our rights. Taxes make countries work, but they have to be used intelligently and this already worries me about a president I voted for who is already going to make it harder for me to enjoy myself. Lastly, I AM NOT FUCKING QUITTING BECAUSE THESE FUCKING SUITS WANT MY MONEY AND WANT ME TO. FUCK THIS BLATANTLY UNFAIR LEGISLATION AND FUCK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I WILL LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I CHOOSE.

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