Monday, June 22, 2009

Red Red Meat-Jimmywine Majestic (1994)

"This Chicago, Illinois, USA-based quartet forged a healthy mix of lo-fi and blues rock over the space of a chaotic seven-year recording career during the 90s, in marked contrast to the alt pop direction of many of their contemporaries. Led from the beginning by vocalist/guitar player Tim Rutili, the band's roots lay in a previous Chicago-based outfit, Friends Of Betty. When the band's second drummer left, Rutili and the others (bass player Glynis Johnson, guitarist Glenn Girard, and drummer Ben Massarella) immediately launched Red Red Meat, in 1990. Although there was some line-up tweaking along the way, with Massarella replaced by Brian Deck, Red Red Meat quickly built a local buzz, which led to a recording contract with the hip indie label, Sub Pop Records. What should have been a happy time for the band was one of uncertainty, as Johnson was diagnosed with AIDS around this time, and died in 1992 (friends of the band, the Smashing Pumpkins, penned a tribute song, "Glynis', to Johnson a year later). Rutili decided to keep the band going, with Tim Hurley replacing Johnson in the line-up, as their self-titled debut followed the same year. Red Red Meat's follow-up, Jimmywine Majestic, proved that the band had studied their early 70s Rolling Stones albums thoroughly, and went on to be widely considered their finest recording. Massarella returned to the line-up and Neil Rosario replaced Girard. Two further releases followed during the mid- to late 90s, 1995's Bunny Gets Paid and 1997"s There's A Star Above The Manger Tonight, but neither succeeded in expanding their audience beyond a small but dedicated cult, and Red Red Meat quietly disbanded shortly after. Rutili concentrated on his own indie imprint, Perishable, and often guests/produces other artists for the label. He also began recording with a new band, Califone."

Great album by a very overlooked band. One of the Sub Pop bands that somehow never got the exposure or the credit they deserved...I'll post some Califone here too, I love these bands.

Drink that jimmywine


Anonymous said...

I just happened by your blog from Weedtemple, I think this is the first time I've ever seen this album uploaded (after looking for it on and off for the last two years) usually it's Bunny Gets Paid which isn't as good I don't reckon, so Kudos to you sir.

Anonymous said...

I second that sentiment...