Sunday, June 28, 2009

Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel (1996)

I can't find a decent review for the life of me, especially since this seems to be one of his less popular side projects/Primus deviations. Either way, you probably have some conception of Les Claypool. No matter what album you buy, there will be some awesome funky bass playing, awkward Residents vocals, creepy backwoods storytelling, and any number of weirdo surprises. Ya know, Les' MO. This album has always been in constnt rotation along with his stuff with Primus. The only side work that holds a candle to it is Sausage. All I can really say is that you should get it. Clayppol has an assortment of skilled session players (Jason Lane from Ratdog, Charlie Hunter, Merv Haggard) and the music is awesome as always. I honestly can't figure out why more people don't like it. Anyway, I just kinda felt like posting this. 'Tis enjoyable.

Holy Mackerel!


Seb said...
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Seb said...

Whoops - wrong key. Lemme try that again...

Y'know, just the other week I was thinking about this album, which I don't reckon I've listened to for the better part of a decade. I did, however, work on a tour in '01 that Claypool's Frog Brigade was on and got to hear pretty bad-ass, high-octane renditions of "High Ball" and "The Awakening" every night for six weeks.

And I got to play one of his basses. Smoothest instrument I've ever laid hands on.

Much obliged for this, sir.