Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Blood & The Bleeding Hearts-S/T

This band is so godly in so many ways. I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about the Bleeding Hearts but I'll go about trying to explain the glory of Big Blood. Imagine a band of bizarre music loving people playing avant garde tunes for the better part of ten years. Imagine them going on hiatus before two of the members, a cute married couple with a child, emerge as a psych folk band with a whole range of influences and a keen ear for the most beautiful heartfelt melodies I've ever heard in music. Seriosuly. Colleen Kinsella has quite the interesting voice but it's so full of emotion. Caleb Mckulerin ain't a bad singer himself. Their bizarre influences, like Sun City Girls, blend perfectly with their traditional folk influences and plenty of smart banjo licks. Lots of people tell me this stuff is weird but if you want a hell of a listening experience at the very least, give this one a shot.

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