Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big Blood Falls For a Thousand Thousand Years

The last record with the Bleedin' Hearts got a good response so I figured I would post everything I have. The more I listen to them, and it's been a good year since I neglected them in any sort of way, the better it gets. These are CD-R home recordings of live setlists that the have used for shows since late 2006. Tunes range from completely psychedelic to spellbinding pastoral folk and everything in between. They're music is beyond words. This is a futile exercise. It stomps, strusts, runs, crawls, and stays stationary depending on the song. It's a soundtrack to life. Or maybe just my life.

Tell me of a band that covers Skip James and Can? That's right, there are none. Get this stuff. My favorite songs in parentheses.

Big Blood+The Grove ("The Grove is Hotter..." "In the Light of the Moon" "Low Gravity Blues)

Sew Your Wild Days Vol. I ("Adversaries & Enemies" "Spit Shine" "Wrinkles and Ribbons")

Sew Your Wild Days Vol. II ("Rodin Deadpan" "I'm So Glad" "Haystack AP"

Strange Maine 11/04/06 ("Under the Concourse" "Full of Smoke" "All Operations"

Strange Maine 01/20/07 ("The Fall of Quinnisa Rose" "Sovreignty You Bitch" "Indang Pariman")

Space Gallery 01/27/07 ("The Rise of Quinnisa Rose" "She Said Nothing" "Don't Trust the Ruin")

I got a couple other tidbits by them to upload actually but in the meantime, enjoy. Also, here are links to their main band Fire on Fire. HERE and HERE.

Thanks to Nitty Gritty too.


j said...

man, i didn't know anyone else knew about this band! Was gonna post some myself. Found out about them through the excellent and much missed Grown So Ugly site, looking forward to hearing fire on fire as well. Cerberus Shoal were okay, but i never liked them as much. You've really turned over a rock with this one, mate!

cheers, j

Zoltar said...

Thanks man. I remember Grown So Ugly...they did wonders for getting me into all that amazing folk, including Big Blood...You have some excellent taste, it sounds like you would like if you haven't been there already.

You probably won't believe me but I think more people know about them than we think. I thought the same thing about them. But teenagers on are friending me wanting to talk about them and John Fahey. It's would never think the digital revolution would benefit the underground...

But alas, I'm ranting. It's awesome you're enjoying all of this so much. And I'm always excited talking to people into Big Blood. Always.