Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Life Sucks And Tastes Like God Jamming His Sweaty Dick Down My Throat

Hate music for another ridiculously shitty day.

Paragon Impure-To Gaius!

Grand Belial's Key-Judeobeast Assassination


Leviathan-The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide (The end of "Fucking Your Ghosts in Chains of Ice" is beyond haunting)

You know how you can hear how down and out Skip James is? Like you just know by the entire mood of his songs? Though these are metal albums, I can hear the same thing as in James' work...except it's hate. Especially the Leviathan album. So when the world shits all over you and you hate yourself and everyone else, pop some of this on. And Eyehategod. Definitely Eyehategod.

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