Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zoltar's Playlist...Vol. II

1. Rafflesia-Boris and Michio Kurihara (A wall of blissed out sound)

2. Side B-Aluk Todolo (Kraut/Black madness...incredible drumming)

3. Saturday Night Rub-Big Bill Broonzy (Good ole fashioned ragtime with amazing melodies)

4. Cuttooth-Radiohead (Their best B-side in my opinion...those are some lyrics)

5. Soul Vibrations-Dorothy Ashby (Harp Jazz...why she's not more recognized, I'll never know)

6. Kassie Jones part II-Furry Lewis (Great blues for a hazy summer day...droney)

7. Lazy Comet-Polvo (Bad ass dissonant guitar work but very listenable indeed)

8. You're No Dub Baby-Niney the Observer (More dubbin' from Niney babeh)

9. Maui Wow Wow-Reeks and the Wrecks (funeral doom jazz, basement style? Who knows. But amazing)

10. I Love You-Spacemen 3 (psych masters...despite the lame drum machine, this song rules)

11. Content to Play Villain-Dalek (abrasive hip hop...blows my freaking mind)

12. As it Was-Melvins (perhaps my favorite Melvins song ever...but that's a tough one)

13. Dance of the Inhabitats of the Palace of King Phillip XIV of Spain-John Fahey (dude, that slide lick!)

14. Night of the Assassins-Les Rallizes Denudes (Japanese psych typhoon...must listen)

15. Dry the Rain-Beta Band (kinda out of place on here but just a damn good song)

16. The Stag Parts I & II-Mountainhood (very enjoyable psych folk)

17. Neon Lights-Kraftwerk (Man, they were so ahead of the curve it's not even funny)

Hope ya'll like this one...lemme know if any song catches your fancy and I'll toss ya the full link

Your leader awaits!


garth the cat said...

just started following your blog - awesome stuff, especially the playlists. time for a new one.

Zoltar said...

Hey thanks a lot man. I spend a decent amount of time getting them together so that means a lot. I dunno why but people seem to ignore the playlists and such but I will surely have another one in the works.