Monday, July 6, 2009

Creston Spiers-Yesterday's Parade/The Time Has Come (2008)

“Shame on anyone who somehow managed to miss the acoustic Harvey Milk instore, with HM frontman Creston Spiers tackling stripped down Milk tracks, Leonard Cohen covers, heck, he even covered “Three Is A Magic Number” from Schoolhouse Rock. Well this one is for those of you who blew it, or for those of you who didn’t but still need more.

A super limited yellow vinyl 7″, the second and supposedly last pressing, 300 copies, already sold out, we have about 30, of Creston Spiers from Harvey Milk performing acoustic, two originals, both awesome. And both sounding like could-have-been Harvey Milk tracks, or obscure Leonard Cohen covers, anyone at the instore knows exactly what we mean, his voice and way with melody is so distinctive, and owes quite a bit to Mr. Cohen. On these two tracks, Spiers’ vocals are rough and ragged but still melodic, accompanied by stripped down steel string guitar, spare and melancholy, with slightly off kilter arrangements, the tone mournful and melancholy. Barring a recording of “Three Is A Magic Number” you couldn’t hope for more.”

Thanks to Swan Fungus. Creston is perhaps the most honest sounding musician I can think of and this little ditty does nothing to change my mind.

Here lads and lasses

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