Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deep Turtle-There's a Vomitsprinkler in My Liverriver (1994)

"Carrying possibly one of the most bizarre titles ever to grace an album, the disc is loaded with almost an hour of Deep Turtle's trademark eccentricity which begins right from the album's back cover. The tracklist contains 18 titles divided into six groups of three. And the disc itself actually only contains six audio tracks... Yes, you got it. Each track contains three songs, separated from each other with funny little instrumental interludes.

  1. Tiodt / Ha-Tuzta / Tostroid
  2. Bay Zutus / Cardiako / Iim
  3. Valz / Hot Mambo / Antivalz
  4. Ørsentipede / Supraberber / Carrier
  5. Pendulum / Mikrozufé / Bourno
  6. Ultrabularit / Hogtar / D'kues

(Yep, most of the titles do not make much sense. Some of them are understandable for English speakers, a few are mangled Finnish words and the rest ... they just are.)

The eighteen songs twist, turn and writhe in a complex but sensible manner. The noisier, punky numbers are offset by a few moodier songs and a couple of instrumentals. A great amount of stylistical variance keeps the music interesting: Valz starts off with a folky acoustic waltz with obscure Spanish lyrics (I only recognize the word huevos which stands for "balls"), while Hogtar incorporates a surf guitar line over a twist beat.

Rhythmic complexity is abundant all over the record and is best shown by the strange time signatures on songs like Antivalz (5/4) or Carrier (9/8). And they are never there just for the sake of being "weird"; they all make perfect sense. The drummer has all the necessary chops to keep things nicely rolling, and is augmented by the bassist who skillfully provides both a rhythmic and a melodic counterpart for the drums and guitar respectively.

The sad thing about this album is the difficulty of obtaining it. Deep Turtle are and have always been a rather unknown band, albeit a celebrated and admittedly influential one. But if you ever have a chance to give this record a spin, I suggest you do it. It just might open your eyes."

What a killer band. Nothing out there sounds quite like it and, most importantly, they know how to write songs. Sweet band.

What the shit is a vomitsprinkler?

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